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Focus on innovation

  • Improve the construction of R&D centres in the United States, Beijing and Shanghai, with multiple locations, clear positioning, and coordinated development

  • Strengthen the construction of R&D team, improve the ability of biological drug R&D and clinical transformation; build an R&D management team with international vision and advanced management concepts

  • Concentrate on the research and development of edge-cutting macromolecule and small molecule targeted drugs with urgent clinical needs; continue to consolidate and expand the advantages of the nano-technology platform, while expanding the development of more new preparations

Product portfolio enhancement

  • Fully plan the product lines which are on the market, under research and in the early pipeline, adjust product planning strategies in time according to the policy, as well as efficiently and closely cooperate with marketing, R&D, investment and manufacturing functions to promote the good iteration of the product line

International expansion

  • Obtain overseas certification

  • Seek to establish strategic partnerships internationally to gain access to advanced technologies, patents and sales channels overseas.

  • Continue to pursue a strategy to introduce pharmaceutical products from overseas into China in parallel with the goal of exporting more of our products overseas via such partnerships and collaborations


  • Rapidly strengthen product portfolio and R&D capabilities in key therapeutic areas through strategic M&A
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