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Research and Development

CSPC has a leading R&D team of more than 2,000 people in China with over 200 talents with doctorate or overseas experience. Research and development bases are located in Shijiazhuang, Shanghai, Beijing and the United States, focusing on the discovery, research and development of small molecule target drugs, nano-drugs, monoclonal antibody drugs, bispecific antibody drugs, antibody-drug conjugates and biological drugs in the immune field.

The Group firmly believes in the importance of investing in research and development so that the Group can have strong product and technology innovation capability as well as a rich pipeline of drugs under development. At present, there are more than 300 projects in the pipeline, of which over 40 are innovative small molecule drugs, over 50 are innovative macromolecule drugs and over 20 are drugs of new preparation, primarily focusing on the therapeutic areas of oncology, autoimmunity, psychiatry and neurology, digestion and metabolism, cardio-cerebrovascular system and anti-infectives.

CSPC implements the innovation-driven strategy by continuously investing in research and development and coping internal development with external cooperation to enhance the drive for innovation. This ensures that the performance of the Group will continue to grow, and greater contributions could be made to the shareholders and the community.

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