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Research and Development

The Group possesses strong R&D capabilities and a rich product pipeline.. The Central Drug Research Institute, located at CSPC’s headquarters, is formed by a strong professional team of overseas returnees and staff with PhDs and Master’s degrees. Currently, the Group has over 170 products under research and development including Class 1 new drugs, Class 3 news drugs and exclusive TCM, with focus on five major therapeutic areas of cardio-cerebrovascular, diabetes, oncology, neurology and anti-infective. Among these drugs, 18 Class 1 new drugs are under research and development in China. With regards to overseas registrations, the Group actively participates in ANDA applications in the U.S. In addition, 2 innovative drugs of the Group are applying for clinical trials in the U.S. and EU.

CSPC implements the innovation-driven strategy by continuously investing in research and development to enhance the drive for innovation. This ensures that the performance of the Group will continue to grow and greater contributions could be made to the shareholders and the community.

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